Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pillowcase Photo Shoot

Not expecting to gain so much speed on The QP's ramp,
E nearly took me and my camera out on arrival.
Every once in awhile we get a wild hair and decide to dork out for photos destined for the newsletter or Facebook. In the past, our "photo shoots" involved Kathy using seasonal props or holding up her favorite book of the moment. She is always a good sport, but usually tries to steer me toward a shot that doesn't star her. Lucky for her, my newest "model"—E—doesn't mind being photographed in the least! I've yet to solve the issue of him crawling away from (and into) me, but it's a work in progress.

So while planning October's classes, Kathy mentioned the need for an updated pillowcase photo for Cocoon Pillowcases. Without considering the logistics, I volunteered E to pose with the pillow. In hindsight, I really should've considered his love of crawling in the opposite direction a little bit more...

I mean, consider his facial expression when we plopped him on the pillow for the first time. Those baby blue eyes say it all—he's a runner, er, well, crawler. Regardless, we should've realized at this point that this impromptu photo shoot going to take up a bit more time than we'd allotted; but I wanted the shot and Kathy was more than willing to play baby wrangler.

I think it's safe to say E had no intention of staying on the pillow for more than a second or two. Challenge accepted!
After ten or fifteen minutes, we were going nowhere fast. Recognizing this, Kathy suggested we change it up. Thinking it wouldn't hurt (maybe he's distracted by the animal novelty fabric?), we set up on the pair of stairs leading to the upper floor of the shop. Wanna know what our model thought of our new surroundings?

Yup. That about sums it up.
With two of us determined to get a usable shot and one of us wanting to chew on a pillow (I'll leave the specifics to your imagination), we were ready to wrap the shoot and consider this plan a loss newsletter-wise. (Just for the record, photographing your adorable, good-natured little one for thirty minutes and calling it work is a total win.)

Unfortunately for the newsletter, we never did get a good photo of both the full pillowcase and E, but I figure his cuteness quotient makes up for the missing pillowcase cuff. Alas, this shoot probably marked the end of his pillow-modeling career. Don't worry, E—there's always medical school.

Though each it cute in their own way, the bottom right photo made the cut for the October newsletter.